Kajiura Norio Exhibition

April 6 - 28, 2024

Wednesday to Sunday: 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Last day of the exhibition: 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays
Meet the artist: Every Saturday and Sunday
Feel free to drop by!

Press Release

Kajiwara Norio Exhibition - An Exploration of Existence and Space

Artland Gallery is delighted to announce the solo exhibition of Kajiwara Norio, which will be held from April 6th to April 28th, 2024. This exhibition centers around Kajiwara's long-standing exploration of existence and space, showcasing a new collection of his works.

Exhibition Details:
Duration: April 6 (Sat) to April 28 (Sun), 2024
Hours: Wed to Sun, 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Closing at 4:00 PM on the final day)
Closed: Monday and Tuesday
Artist Present: Every Saturday and Sunday

Born in Okayama Prefecture, Kajiwara Norio pursued his education at Tokyo University of the Arts before studying sculpture at the University of Fine Arts in Vienna. Having exhibited across Europe, Kajiwara has also presented his works extensively within Japan. His creations delve into the unique Japanese concept of ma, exploring the relationships between existence and space, and between materiality and nothingness.

The Kajiwara Norio Exhibition features works that explore the structure of space through both sculptures and flat works, such as White Space, Multiple Spaces, and Red Space. These pieces invite viewers to experience the elements of ma woven between physical and void spaces.

Kajiwara's artistry, with its manipulation of form, color, light, and shadow, presents a unique aesthetic that encourages viewers to contemplate space and existence from perspectives beyond the everyday. This exhibition offers an opportunity to deepen our understanding of our own existence and the spaces around us, drawing from Kajiwara's cultivated artistic perspective.

Artland Gallery finds profound significance in presenting this special exhibition, which delivers the delicate and profound artistic world of Kajiwara Norio to our audience. We invite all art lovers to not miss this opportunity to visit and listen to the stories of space and existence as told by Kajiwara's works.

Kajiura Norio Biography

Born in Okayama in 1951, Norio Kajiura entered the Craft Department, Design Major, at Tokyo University of the Arts in 1970. In 1975, he continued his studies at the university's Graduate School in the Department of Oil Painting Techniques and Materials. After completing his graduate studies, he remained at the same research lab as a research student. In 1981-1982, he studied sculpture at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in Austria.

During his time in Europe, he was deeply impressed by the art scenes and the close connection between art and society. Inspired by the European art environment, he aspired to pursue activities in the region. He returned to Austria in 1986 and took up residence in Vienna. In 1987, he held his first solo exhibition at a gallery in Vienna. Following this, he conducted presentation activities in various European countries, including Germany, Italy, Spain, Liechtenstein, Belgium, and others.

In 1991, he resumed presenting his works in Japan, with activities spanning cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Okayama, Kumamoto, Marugame, Nagasaki, Kobe, and more. At the end of 2017, he returned to Japan and established his studio in Okayama, where he continues his artistic production. He actively engages in presentation activities across Japan and other locations.


Kajiura Norio Text

My creative journey begins with a fascination for the concept of 'existence.' It's intriguing to ponder on the idea of 'something being there,' or 'something happening.' I find it incredibly interesting. I often question why I exist, and in my art, I aim to feel my own existence even if just a little. Through this process, I hope to sense and gain something, expanding my possibilities, achieving fulfillment, growth, and self-creation.

For several decades, I've titled my works with 'ma.' In Japanese, it means 'MA' (between). To avoid limiting the meaning, I use the alphabet, and in the country where I lived, Austria, it seemed to resemble government acronyms, leading to questions like 'What is this?' In a simple sense, it might mean 'distance,' but to me, it seems like a crucial element of 'existence,' interpreting it as something that 'creates relationships.

' Everything, including objects, is shaped by various changes influenced by the surrounding environment, circumstances, and interactions. Interactions in daily life and, in the context of creation, materials, substances, and tools determine what can be done and what is possible.

The dialogue between one's own characteristics and the characteristics of others is crucial. Through this dialogue, we can feel new possibilities and create a pathway where each other's potential is recognized and utilized. It is through sincere dialogue that one can gradually feel a sense of 'existence' by accumulating experiences. In the context of exhibitions and installations, I pay particular attention to the significance of 'ma.' The interplay between the artwork and the space or situation where it is placed is essential to bring out the best in each other.
What I find challenging the most is following 'trends,' and I'm not fond of small talk or old stories either.