This "User Guide" will guide you through the process of selecting products in our shop, how to place an order, and how to receive your products.
Once you have selected your products, please proceed to the order process and an invoice will be emailed to you via email after you have placed your order.We accept bank transfer and credit card as payment methods. Products will be shipped after payment is confirmed.
Select a product
Please select the products you wish to purchase and proceed to the "Order Procedure". If you have any data necessary for purchase that is not listed on our website, please use the e-mail form below. Please feel free to contact us.

Order Procedure
STEP-1 Specify shipping address
Enter customer information (name, zip code, address, and e-mail) and shipping address information.
STEP-2 Specify payment method
Select PayPal card, bank payment, or bank transfer.
STEP-3 Confirm your order and place your order
After confirming your order, click on "Place Order".
STEP-4 Order Completed
An "Order Confirmation" e-mail is automatically sent to you.

Payment Procedures and Methods
In addition to regular bank transfers, we accept credit card and bank payments via PayPal. The amount of payment will be sent to you on an invoice that will be sent to you via email.

Shipping and Receiving Products
After confirming payment, items will be shipped within the shipping period indicated on each item, excluding holidays (Mon. and Tue.) and national holidays. If not stated, the product will be shipped within 5 business days in principle. However, if frames or other preparations are required, we will notify you separately.