Passing of Mr. Zhou Hao

It is with profound sadness that we must share this heartbreaking news. On September 18th, we lost Mr. Zhou Hao at the age of 62.

We first received word of Mr. Zhou's participation in a small-scale exhibition in Tokyo via email at the end of January. Drawing inspiration from the details he provided, our gallery worked tirelessly over two months to bring to life the Dimension Zero exhibition. Little did we know that this would become Mr. Zhou Hao's final stage.

Since his first artwork arrived at our gallery in May 1999, we have been captivated by his unwavering creative energy. We ran alongside him, witnessing his ceaseless artistic journey. In late August, during a phone call, we heard about his deteriorating health, and within just three weeks, he disappeared from this world. On September 19th, when we received the news of his passing, we were left in stunned silence, tears flowing uncontrollably. It felt surreal, like a dream, as if it couldn't be real.

On the 25th, at a small, non-religious ceremony in Yokohama, we came face to face with Mr. Zhou's remains. Even as we gazed at his unexpected presence, tears wouldn't come. It was impossible to accept that the same person we had spoken to on the phone so recently now lay before us, lifeless.

Mr. Zhou Hao, we are immensely grateful for the long journey we shared. As long as we remain in good health, we will continue to convey your art to the world. Please watch over us.
Yamashita Takashi and Yamashita Eriko
October 12, 2023

P.S. Earlier this year, in May, we had been in email correspondence to plan your solo exhibition for next year in October. Little did we know it would become a memorial exhibition. In light of this, we have decided to change the exhibition to the following schedule:

Zhou Hao Memorial Exhibition
September 7, 2024 (Saturday) - October 6, 2024 (Sunday)