SEKI Masakazu


1933 Born in Marugame, Kagawa prefecture
1954 Went to Tokyo and studied under a great painter Inoue chozaburo
1957 Became a member of the Jiyu Bijyutsuka Institute
1985 Acted as a judge of Kagawa prefectural exhibition
1986 Stayed in France, Italy, Spain, the U.K.
2001 Stayed in Germany, Netherlands, and Czech

Solo Exhibitions

1984 Artland Gallery, Marugame, Kagawa prefecture
   After this year, solo exhibition was held every year.
1992 Kagawa Culture Hall,Takamatu, Japan
1994 Marugame Folk Crafts and Archives Center, Marugame, Kagawa prefecture
2001 Galerie Lichtblick, Berlin

Selected Group Exhibitions
1950 Accepted for the Kodo Bijyutsu Institute exhibition
1952 Accepted for the Jiyu Bijyutsuka Institute exhibition
After this year, accepted for it's exhibition every year
1969 Modern art selection exhibition , Agency for Cultural Affairs

1948 Encouragement prize, Kagawa prefectural exhibition
1968 The Jiyu Bijyutsu Award,the Jiyu Bijyutsuka Institute exhibition
1982 Tokyo exhibition prize, the Jiyu Bijyutsuka Institute exhibition

Kagawa culture hall

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